Get Ready to Deal with Spring Floods

MADISON, WI (Ben Caxton) — Warm temperatures and rain have accelerated the spring thaw, and people should be prepared for flooding over the next several days. Wisconsin Emergency Management spokesman Andrew Beckett says there’s steps you can take to protect your home from the rapid thaw. “Make sure that you have no water collecting near your foundation or on patio slabs that could find its way into your home. Clear snow away from downspouts. If you have a roof rake, get it off of the roof so that the gutters are clear as well so that water can quickly and easily flow off your roof.” Communities across the our area are already seeing flooding of some sort or another and that will continue over the next few days as warm temperatures push snowmelt into rivers and streams. Beckett says if you come across a road that’s covered in water, turn around. “Culverts may have washed out, or you may have pavement that’s washed out as well, or since we’re coming off of winter, you may have potholes that have not been repaired yet.” Keep your radio tuned here for the latest list of local road closures caused by area river flooding.

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