Lancaster Has a New Pool Fund Raising Committee

LANCASTER, WI (Ben Caxton) — With a lot of money still needing to be raised to pay for amenities for a new municipal swimming pool, the Lancaster Common Council on Monday appointed three people to a Swimming Pool Fundraising Committee – Lancaster Mayor David Varnam, and common council members Shayne LaBudda and Rose Oliveto. Varnam said the three will provide assistance to city staff in its fundraising efforts. To date, the city has received a commitment from one major contributor for both diving boards. The city is also looking for a contributor to donate money for a water slide for the pool. Overall, the city wants to raise $900,000 for fun pool extras. The Lancaster pool will be built after the 2019 swim season and is expected to be completed by spring of 2020. Bid opening for the project is scheduled for next Monday.

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