Weight Restrictions Coming Monday

VERNON COUNTY, WI (Ben Caxton) — Seasonal Weight Restrictions are returning to all Vernon County trunk highways starting this week. Wisconsin state law mandates that every spring as the ground thaws the size and weight of vehicles using the roads be reduced to protect them from damage until temperatures warm and the ground firms up. The Vernon County Highway Department says the maximum weights allowed as of Monday are 16,000 pounds for two-axle vehicles, 26,000 pounds for three-axle trucks, and up to 18 tons or 36,000 pounds for combination vehicles like a tractor and trailer. Exceptions are made for some vehicles like those carrying milk to market, emergency vehicles, school buses, county maintenance vehicles, and commercial refuse trucks carrying refuse to the County Landfill. Town roads are not included in the weight restrictions, which will remain in effect until all highways have regained their strength, usually around mid to late April.

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