Man Tries to Drown Girlfriend in Backyard Pool

LA CROSSE, WI (Ben Caxton) — La Crosse police are reporting an almost attempted murder by drowning in the city just before midnight Tuesday night. Police say 33-year-old Brandon L. Beranek-Lysaker was arrested after his girlfriend called 9-1-1 asking for help saying she’d been assaulted. She says Beranek-Lysaker hit her in the face and shoved her head underwater in their backyard kiddie pool. Beranek-Lysaker told police attacked him and suffered the injuries while falling off their porch. Authorities say when officers arrived they saw injuries to the victim’s face and noted that her hair was wet. Inside, they found blood and empty cans of alcohol, with Beranek-Lysaker asleep inside the home. He was tested and discovered to have a .162 blood-alcohol-content at which point he was arrested and taken to jail. He has been ordered not to contact the victim and released on a $2,500 bond.

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