Mosquito Season Has Arrived

CRAWFORD COUNTY, WI (Ben Caxton) — Mosquito season is here again and officials are reminding people it’s time to do some cleanup around the house to keep the pests at bay. Mosquitoes need a water source to breed and one of the most effective ways to control mosquitoes is to get rid of their breeding habitats. To do this, drain anything in your yard that collects water or allows water to stand. Remove standing water from tires, wading pools, tubs, buckets, tarps, and wheelbarrows. Mosquitos are known to carry serious diseases like West Nile virus and La Crosse Viral Encephalitis and Crawford County has hired Driftless Region Vector Control to help with mosquito abatement this year. The county reminds property owners that citations may be issued to persons or businesses that do not comply with the county ordinances and state statutes requiring cleanup of areas where mosquitos can breed on their land.

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