Body Of 1930s Gangster John Dillinger to Be Exhumed

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (AP) — The body of notorious 1930s gangster John Dillinger is expected to be exhumed in September from a concrete-encased grave at an Indianapolis cemetery more than 85 years after he was killed by FBI agents outside a Chicago theater. The upcoming exhumation could put to rest conspiracy theories suggesting that the violent criminal some people considered a folk hero during the height of the Great Depression isn’t even buried in his marked grave. The Indiana State Department of Health approved a permit July 3 sought by Dillinger’s nephew, Michael Thompson. The permit doesn’t give a reason for the request, and Thompson couldn’t immediately be reached for comment. However, Dan Silberman of A&E Networks says the exhumation will be covered as part of a documentary on Dillinger for The History Channel. Digging up Dillinger’s grave might prove a difficult task because days after his son’s funeral, Dillinger’s father had the casket reburied under a protective cap of concrete and scrap iron topped by four reinforced-concrete slabs according to the Indiana Historical Society. The purported reason for the concrete-encased grave was to thwart would-be vandals.

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