Cephus Attorneys Pressure Uw to Readmit Him

MADISON, WI (Ben Caxton) — -Two weeks after his acquittal on sexual assault charges, and a week after his request for readmission to the UW, former Badgers running back Quintez Cephus and his attorneys are asking for a decision on that. `Backed by a group of his former teammates, Cephus made only brief remarks during a press conference in downtown Madison Monday “The whole time I’ve had the support of my brothers and everybody who knew me, and I’ve had a chance to show my real character outside of sports.” Steve Meyer, Cephus’ chief defense attorney in his sexual assault trial, was more vocal and said Dane County jurors “clearly rejected” the “racial stereotype that permeated the criminal case” “That black men are sexually aggressive. That’s exactly the stereotype that I’m talking about.” Meyer said requests for trial transcripts will only delay a decision and called on the UW to “do the right thing” and readmit Cephus.`

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