Murder Suspects Fake Medical Emergency to Escape

PHOENIX, AZ (AP) — A husband and wife being transported across the country to face murder charges used a medical emergency ruse and then overpowered two security guards, tied them up and left them and a third uninvolved prisoner outside a rural Arizona town, authorities said Thursday. David Gonzales, the U.S. marshal for Arizona, told The Associated Press that a privately operated prison transport van had departed from Blanding, Utah, on Monday afternoon when Susan Barksdale pretended to have an “intestinal issue” and pulled over. Susan and Blane Barksdale then charged at the unarmed guards as soon as they opened the rear compartment. The male and female guards weren’t physically injured but the Barksdales used shoelaces to bind them and then put them in the back with a third inmate. They also took a key to free themselves of a waist restraint. It took the guards two to three hours to break free, eventually kicking out some windows. The Barksdales were arrested May 24 near Rochester, New York, on suspicion of first-degree murder and other crimes related to the April death of a 72-year-old man in Tucson.

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