Pig Escapees Caught with Hot Dog Buns

ORANGE, VT (AP) — About 250 pigs have been causing a ruckus in a Vermont town the past month after they escaped from their enclosure, but most of them had been returned as of Thursday thanks in part to a trail of hot dog buns and good ole’ fashioned corralling. Several farmworkers and a couple of volunteers who heard about the loose pigs trudged up and down a dirt road hill Thursday trying to drive any pigs back into the Sugar Mountain Farm in Orange. Farmer Walter Jeffries said most of his pigs have returned home. Town Clerk Angela Eastman disagreed saying the pigs have been allowed to remain in the town right of way so cars are unable to pass and people can’t walk on the road because the pigs chase them. Jeffries faces tens of thousands of dollars in fines from the town for the pigs that have been spotted on and alongside the town road for weeks, creating the nuisance for drivers and pedestrians. Jeffries said he believes the fenced enclosure was damaged by vandalism allowing about 50 adult pigs and 200 piglets to escape. He thinks it was the work of a former employee and said he reported it to the police.

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