Illinois Derailment Causes Fire, Evacuations

DUPO, IL (AP) — A freight train believed to be carrying a flammable liquid used in solvents derailed Tuesday in an Illinois suburb of St. Louis, causing a fire that sent thick, black smoke into the air and prompted the evacuation of nearby schools and residences. In a news release, Union Pacific said the train derailed at its yard around 12:45 PM in the town of Dupo, about 8 miles south of St. Louis. The railroad said initial information indicates that the tank car that first caught fire contained a flammable liquid called methyl isobutyl ketone that is typically used as a solvent. Dupo police said students at a grade school, junior high school, and high school were evacuated to a high school farther away as a precaution. Police also said a few hundred residents of a mobile home park and a subdivision near the tracks were also evacuated. Video showed more than 10 train cars derailed and flames shooting from the wreckage. No injuries reported and the flames were extinguished by mid-afternoon.

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