Sand Company to Layoff 80 Employees

CLAYTON, IA (Ben Caxton) — A local sand company has laid off 80 employees. Pattison Sand Company told the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald newspaper in an email that the layoffs, affecting workers at its mines in Prairie du Chien, and across the river at Clayton, Iowa, are due to an oversupply of sand used in fracking. The company still employs more than two-hundred workers and believes it will be calling back a portion of those laid-off in the first quarter of next year.

2 Comments on "Sand Company to Layoff 80 Employees"

  1. I was one of the 80 and it was my 4th layoff in 7 yrs with this company. Very dismissive at best.

  2. This company sucks. It claims that it contributes over half a billion to the state of Iowa . . . my ass.
    AND it wants to export 2 billion gallons of water a month OUT of the state.

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