Authors Push Medical Marijuana Bill Despite Opposition

MADISON, WI (Ben Caxton) — The bipartisan group that’s pushing for medical marijuana in Wisconsin says there’s enough public support to push back against opposition in the Legislature. `Republican Senator Pat Testin says one surprising group of advocates for the bill are veterans. “Those who suffer from chronic pain and PTSD, they say that marijuana and medical cannabis is the only thing that gives them the relief that they need.” Democrat Representative Chris Taylor says pools are in their favor, as well as a large number of cities and counties that have passed resolutions in favor of the idea. “So we know w have the public support. We know that suffering patients need it, rather than becoming addicted to opioids, which has become a huge public health crisis.” Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says he will not bring the bill to the floor of the Senate. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos voiced support for plans during the budget talks this summer.

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