A Look at Cheese Curds for National Cheese Curd Day

MADISON, WI (Ben Caxton) — Yesterday was National Cheese Curd Day, and it’s one of those holidays that seems very specific. Carr Valley Cheese general manager Patty Koenig says that cheese curds really are a regional dish that’s based in states with a strong cheesemaking and dairy heritage. “We in Wisconsin decided that we like the fresh curds with the way still in the cheddar process, and that’s where cheese curds come from.” Cheese curds are usually the first step in the process to making form-pressed cheddar cheese. Koenig says it’s that whey in the curds that give them that signature squeak and tangy tasty that people are looking for. “Whatever we deem we need to have for cheese curds that day we pull out, and we put the rest of that in forms and press that up for cheddar.” Cheese Curds are a regional delicacy, with mainly the Midwest, New England and Ontario partaking in eating the squeaky bits.

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