Former Guide Guilty in Bogus Buck Lacey Act Violation

MADISON, WI (Ben Caxton) — A former Minnesota hunting guide is guilty of violating the Lacey Act in Wisconsin. `Thirty-two-year-old Jeff Althoff admitted in federal court Monday to falsely registering a 172-inch antlered buck with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources during archery season in 2018. The North Carolina resident claimed to have bagged the buck on public land in Buffalo County, even posting on Facebook that he’d stalked the animal for hours. Althoff actually killed the buck at a game farm in Taylor County using a paid guide, then transported it to Pierce County for staged pictures. As part of his plea, Althoff will pay a fine of 23-thousand dollar to the Lacey Act Reward Fund; obey a 2-year ban on hunting; and forfeit all the items from the hunt, including the antlers.`

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