Vernon County Judge Rejects Sex Offender Placement

RICHLAND CENTER, WI (Ben Caxton) — Vernon County Circuit Court Judge Darcy Rood has ruled the state will need to find a new home for a convicted sex offender who was scheduled to move into a Richland Center area home. The state had approved the move of 64-year-old Richard Sugden to a home six miles outside of Richland Center last week as part of his supervised release so he could reintegrate into his own community. He has been living in Ashland County since his release in June of last year. Sugden who spent decades behind bars for the rape, abduction and sexual assault of a 17-year-old protested in court that the incident had happened more than 45 years ago. The state said in court that Sugden is required to be monitored by GPS for the rest of his life and would be under house arrest in his new home for the first year. But Judge Rood overturned the placement based in part on the fact that his neighbor would have been a single woman with three children who matches the profile of the women he attacked. The state now has 60 days to find a new location for Sugden to live.

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