New Year Brings New Fees in Lancaster

LANCASTER, WI (Ben Caxton) — Lancaster residents will be paying more to use the municipal golf course this year, but fees to use the new Lancaster Municipal Swimming Pool and for city recreation programs will be back before the Lancaster Common Council this month. That’s after the proposed fees were tabled by the council at its meeting last month, and sent back to the city’s Parks and Recreation Committee for further discussion. Lancaster Mayor Dave Varnam made it a point that he didn’t want fee increases, just because the city will have a new swimming pool. Varnam compared the city’s current swimming pool fee structure to other communities in southwest Wisconsin including Mineral Point, Dodgeville and Prairie du Chien. He even suggested the city consider a resident and a non-resident fee for use of the pool. Proposed fees for the swimming pool looked to eliminate the Family, Family plus babysitter, and Individual Annual pass, and to instead offer a Season Pass for $75 for individuals. Families wanting a season pass would have to pay $25 for each additional person, with a cap at $175. New golf course fees approved will increase the cost pf all annual memberships from $625 to $640. Green fees also saw an increase, with the Foursome Special going up from $27 to $28 weekdays and from $32 to $33 on weekends. Junior rates were also increased by $1 for each category.

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