Wife Attacks Floozy in Bar for Saying “hi” to Her Husband

WISCONSIN DELLS, WI (Ben Caxton) — A Stevens Point woman faces assault charges in Wisconsin Dells after punching another woman in a bar in September. `Police say 33-year-old Amber Lythjohan punched the woman after the victim said ‘hi’ to her husband. Lythjohan told police that she “lost it” and threw the other woman to the ground because she was so upset by the friendly action. Another witness said they saw Lythjohan kick the woman in the ribs while she was down. The victim tells police she doesn’t remember much from the incident because she lost consciousness. Lythjohan is free on a 500 dollar bond.

2 Comments on "Wife Attacks Floozy in Bar for Saying “hi” to Her Husband"

  1. What gives you the right to call the victim in this case a Floozy? Do you know her? Apparently not, because she is far from a floozy and suffered numerous injuries in this incident. Pathetic journalism. You will be lucky if she doesn’t sue you.

  2. An insanely jealous wife becomes irritated by a woman saying hello to HER husband makes saying hello an act of “deserving beating?” If every man said hello to me became instantly a floozy (letch?), then I’d live life all by myself. If the women won’t talk to me or want to beat me up for just being there, I’m going to talk to the men. They’re married, not possessed or owned or banned from looking at, recognizing, seeing, speaking to other people women or men. Oh my goodness. Lock this attacker in a cell to protect others.

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