Couleecap Director Appointed to Treasurers Homeowners Task Force

LA CROSSE, WI (Ben Caxton) — State Treasurer Godlewski has created a Task Force aiming to help Wisconsinites buy their first homes and stay in them, and he’s getting some help on the committee from local Couleecap Executive Director, Hetti Brown. The Treasurers’ Homeowners Task Force met for the first time on March 4th. The task force aims to create a network of local treasurers and community partners who will work together to make sure home buyers understand the financial resources they will need to own and maintain their home as well as create a warning system to let homeowners know that they are in danger of facing foreclosure. Often times, Treasurers are able to identify early warning signs that a homeowner may be at risk of foreclosure, including delinquent payments for other services.

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