Vernon Sheriff Still Struggling to Understand “Safer at Home” Order

VERNON COUNTY, WI (Ben Caxton) — Vernon County Sheriff John Spears admits his office is still working to understand exactly what Governor Tony Ever’s “Safer at Home” order means for law-enforcement. In a letter released Wednesday, the Sheriff says people are calling to ask what the order means to them. But since the order was given to them at the same time it was released publicly he has to tell them he still doesn’t have that answer. In his letter, he does make clear that “This order from Governor Evers has not suspended the Constitution of the United States or the Constitution of the State of Wisconsin. We are not under “Martial Law”. You will not be stopped without reasonable suspicion that a violation of the law has occurred. This is the same standard that existed prior to this order. You will not be detained or questioned as to why you are leaving your house or questioned as to if the purpose of your travels falls under the essential travel portion of the order.” You can read the full message from Sheriff Spears online with this story at

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