Coronavirus Outbreak at Orchard Manor Concerns Officials

LANCASTER, WI (Ben Caxton) — Grant County’s Orchard Manor is suffering a Coronavirus outbreak and it has local officials concerned. Confirmation came Wednesday that eleven residents and six employees of the county-owned, long-term-care facility have been diagnosed with COVID-19 virus – that’s 65% of the total 26 cases seen so far in the county. In Crawford County 3 positives, all recovered have been reported with 179 tests and 7 negatives, Vernon County as of the last check shows 328 tested with 4 awaiting results and 0 positives.

3 Comments on "Coronavirus Outbreak at Orchard Manor Concerns Officials"

  1. Cannot really comment, as Orchard Manor has threatened employees with termination if they say anything.

  2. Blessing a of Prayers have a niece there. Bobbijo Miller.

  3. See what the governor of FL did to contain and deal with this. He was very effective and has saved our elderly population in FL. Thank you.

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