$30,000 Grant Approved for Promoting Driftless Area

VIROQUA, WI (Ben Caxton) — “Driftless Wisconsin” will be receiving nearly $30,000 in grant money to promote tourism this summer across the region. The announcement came from Sara Meaney of the Wisconsin Department of Tourism. The theme of the campaign will be “Come Out and Play! Driftless Wisconsin: your outdoor recreation playground.” The group was given a $29,910 JEM (Joint Effort Marketing) Grant from the Wisconsin Department of Tourism designed to promote the area to potential visitors. Researchers say visitors are looking for rural destinations away from city congestion. The grant funds will be used to fund an advertising campaign directed at potential visitors including active, outdoor enthusiasts, experiential travelers, and families, and couples who live in the regional drive market. The campaign is designed to drive visitors to the “doorstep” of small businesses and communities on the Driftless Wisconsin website, www.DriftlessWisconsin.com.

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