Grant County Supervisors approved sending the 2021 proposed county budget to the County Executive Committee

Grant County, (Ben Caxton)—for final review, after supervisors heard a presentation onthe budget from County Finance Director Amanda Degenhardtat the October 6th meeting.

When supervisors last heard from Degenhardt in September,the proposed budget had a deficit of $2.5-million.

Degenhardt told the county board the deficit is currently at $235,000.Next year’s budget would include a 1% pay increase for non-represented county employees on January 1st and July 1st,

while county employees would see a 3% increase in health insurance costs.

The county would have to include a nearly 16% increase in the cost of Workman’s Compensation coverage.

Degenhardt told supervisors the county is projecting a 2% increase in county sales tax revenue next year..and a $28,000 decrease in shared revenue from the State of Wisconsin.

Degenhardt says the local tax levy increase for the proposed budget is just under $750,000. It’s based on the net new construction rate for the county which is .82% for 2021.

That’s down from this year…1.47%…1.71% for 2019…1.47% in 2018. Meanwhile, the Grant County Highway Department would help to reduce the county budget deficit by offering for the county to use $440,000 of the department’s undesignated reserves.

Degenhardt also told supervisors that the total general obligation debt payment for the Grant County Community

Services Building next year would be just over $1.5-million. However, that payment is reduced by $779,625 when money

that was previously levied by the county each year for capital projects are applied to the debt payment.

As a result, the levy increase for the debt for the new building is just under $744,000 for next year.

Total proposed expenditures as the 2021 budget is sent to the Executive Committee are just over $50.4-million.

This year’s county budget is just over $51.3-million.

The 2021 proposed Grant County budget will be presented to the Grant County Board of Supervisors for consideration at its meeting on November 10th.

A public hearing on the budget will also be held during the meeting.

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